Monday, 14 July 2008

AI 16: Cloud Computing companies launch 3D Worlds as Closed Systems

As previously covered (refer to blog reference AI 15), Web 3.0 Cloud Players need to build Closed Systems as their Web 2.0 businesses come under threat.

Google has the most to loose as its core business of search-based advertising is reliant upon open systems.

It is not a surprise that Google has launched ‘Lively’, which is a 3D World. It is not a coincidence that Google’s Cloud partner IBM has been pioneering 3D Worlds within its own corporate Intranet, whilst experimenting with other 3D Worlds such as with SecondLife.

Google follows other players like Disney World 3D, SecondLife, Zwinky and Yahoo! Avatar Towns.

Already these 3D Worlds are being used to launch Web 4.0 ‘AI Complimenting Humans’ (refer to blog reference AI 1). For example, scientists at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have created Edd Hifeng - an avatar alike most in SecondLife, but with a key difference - the steel-grey robot is not powered by a person at a keyboard but by AI. Selmer Bringsjord, director of the Rensselaer Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning Laboratory, says that Second Life is perfect as a "very inexpensive way to test out technologies right now".

3D Worlds deliver benefits for corporates as a smarter way to do knowledge exchange. It is likely the IBM / Google Cloud combo will eventually launch 3D Worlds as a cloud service to replace corporate intranets.

This raises key questions:

1. Why has the Microsoft Cloud not launched 3D Worlds especially as it has gained considerable experience from its gaming division? Maybe it was hoping to acquire Yahoo! Avatar Towns!

2. When will the Cloud Computing leaders Amazon and Apple acquire or build 3D World services?

3. Which Cloud players will acquire the 3D Worlds SecondLife and Zingy?

4. Will Hollywood led by Disney regain the media high ground via 3D Worlds?